Sand Storm Swallows Lubbock

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19/10/2011 tarihinde yayınlandı.
an immense sand storm blankets lubbock, tx. in the midst of the storm, the town look red. it looks like a rest stop for the
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02:39 Sand Storm Swallows Lubbock, Tx

Sand Storm Swallows Lubbock, Tx

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02:39 Korkunç Kum Fırtınası

Korkunç Kum Fırtınası

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01:16 Driving In An Incredible Sand Storm

Driving In An Incredible Sand Storm

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01:41 Storm


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04:51 Dev Kum Fırtınası

Dev Kum Fırtınası

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00:33 Crazy Phoenix Dust Storm Time Lapse

Crazy Phoenix Dust Storm Time Lapse

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09:18 Sicaf Sand

Sicaf Sand

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01:30 Man Swallows 11 Swords

Man Swallows 11 Swords

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04:25 Sand Art

Sand Art

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00:29 Sand Flips

Sand Flips

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08:22 Earth: Amazing Sights

Earth: Amazing Sights

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00:47 Sand Dragon

Sand Dragon

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02:43 Dry Sand

Dry Sand

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08:33 Sand Pictures

Sand Pictures

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00:33 Guy Swallows Live Frog

Guy Swallows Live Frog

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00:46 Best Restaurants In Lubbock Texas

Best Restaurants In Lubbock Texas

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10:58 Sand Painting

Sand Painting

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00:33 Guy Swallows A Live Frog

Guy Swallows A Live Frog

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00:21 Sand Dune Flip Fail

Sand Dune Flip Fail

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02:32 Sand Art Ocean

Sand Art Ocean

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00:56 Russian Sand Sculptures

Russian Sand Sculptures

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00:23 Sand Backflip Fail

Sand Backflip Fail

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01:28 Snow Storm

Snow Storm

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01:17 How To Trout Giant Snake Swallows

How To Trout Giant Snake Swallows

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04:28 Amazing Water-Proof Sand

Amazing Water-Proof Sand

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00:11 Digging Sand In Russia

Digging Sand In Russia

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04:53 Art Of Sand

Art Of Sand

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01:14 Kumla Inanılmaz Şov

Kumla Inanılmaz Şov

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00:21 Ultimate Sand Jump

Ultimate Sand Jump

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01:02 Michael Jackson Sand Sculpture

Michael Jackson Sand Sculpture

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00:24 Ehowoff Eats Sand

Ehowoff Eats Sand

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01:13 Snow Storm Time Lapse

Snow Storm Time Lapse

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00:12 Fj Cruiser Jumps Sand Hill

Fj Cruiser Jumps Sand Hill

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00:39 Super Windy Storm

Super Windy Storm

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01:34 Oceans - Weathering The Storm

Oceans - Weathering The Storm

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03:33 Huge Phoenix Dust Storm

Huge Phoenix Dust Storm

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01:11 Baseball Sized Hail Storm

Baseball Sized Hail Storm

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02:14 Calgary Snow Storm Nov

Calgary Snow Storm Nov

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01:12 Storm Shelters Alabama

Storm Shelters Alabama

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01:00 Huge Hail Storm

Huge Hail Storm

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