Parrot Talking

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13/02/2008 tarihinde yayınlandı.
funny parrot talking baby stuff. you know what they say about parrots who can copy our sounds, here's the proof!
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01:35 Parrot Talk And Kiss

Parrot Talk And Kiss

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00:45 Parrots Talking Funny

Parrots Talking Funny

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00:33 Cat Vs Parrot - Cat Fails

Cat Vs Parrot - Cat Fails

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Beatboxing Parrot

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01:39 Gimme Kiss.. Cmok Cmok Cmok.. Watch Ya Doin?

Gimme Kiss.. Cmok Cmok Cmok.. Watch Ya Doin?

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00:46 Parrot Beatbox

Parrot Beatbox

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01:29 Puzzle Parrot

Puzzle Parrot

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01:12 Trained Parrot

Trained Parrot

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Athletic Parrot

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Dog Sings On Mic Oscar Winner - Epic

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Talking Cat

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Talking Animal

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00:41 Talking Dogs

Talking Dogs

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00:59 Talking Kitties

Talking Kitties

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00:59 Cat Talking

Cat Talking

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00:33 Talking Cat

Talking Cat

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01:30 Talking Animal

Talking Animal

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Talking Goat

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Talking Wildlife

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01:34 Parrot Rides Cat

Parrot Rides Cat

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02:42 Dub Step Parrot

Dub Step Parrot

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00:30 Parrot Whistles Famous Song!

Parrot Whistles Famous Song!

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00:56 Dog Gives Parrot Ride

Dog Gives Parrot Ride

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01:22 Talking Cats

Talking Cats

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01:52 Talking Dog

Talking Dog

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00:49 Parrot Cleans Girls Teeth

Parrot Cleans Girls Teeth

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00:44 Brushing Cute Parrot Hq

Brushing Cute Parrot Hq

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00:28 Parrot Sharpens Beak

Parrot Sharpens Beak

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01:35 Parrot Loves New Bunny

Parrot Loves New Bunny

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00:50 Parrot Hate Diet Soda

Parrot Hate Diet Soda

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00:25 Parrot Imitates Annoying Vuvuzelas

Parrot Imitates Annoying Vuvuzelas

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00:31 Parrot Slaps Cat

Parrot Slaps Cat

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00:13 Parrot Hop A Lot

Parrot Hop A Lot

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01:35 Parrot Loves New Bunny

Parrot Loves New Bunny

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01:19 Parrot With Laser Pointer

Parrot With Laser Pointer

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00:51 Parrot Annoys Kitty

Parrot Annoys Kitty

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01:54 Parrot Annoys Cat - Funny

Parrot Annoys Cat - Funny

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01:11 Kitten Vs Parrot

Kitten Vs Parrot

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00:58 Parrot Meowing Like Cat

Parrot Meowing Like Cat

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