Cavalera Conspiracy - Babylonian Pandemonium

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16/05/2015 tarihinde yayınlandı.
cavalera conspiracy's max and ıggor cavalera discussed ideas for their new music video "babylonian pandemonium" with doom incorporated's director thomas mignone. the three have worked together many times including the sepultura hits "roots" and "slave new world". the idea was to make a video that could visually reflect the brutal, assaultive tone of their new album's music. the video's imagery conveys the raw emotions of brazil's impoverished people percolating just beneath the surface of the country's natural beauty. "there's a strong sense that chaotic pandemonium could break out at any moment. we tried to film imagery that depicts this powerful dichotomy" mignone stated. filming was done in the cities of brasilia, sao paulo, and rio de janeiro. cinematography is by bruno santiago. the video features the paintings of acclaimed artist stephan doitschinoff as filmed by gui morelli. producer for doom inc is thamires gomes. editing and post-production vfx is by alex meza.