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 01:02european elections voting starts in britain and the netherlands
european elections voting starts in britain and the netherlandsbritain and the netherlands have got the ball rolling in…
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 01:40markus schulz - dj mag voting 2012
markus schulz - dj mag voting 2012markus schulz - dj mag voting 2012
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 00:40italy election: protest voting creates political stalemate
italy election: protest voting creates political stalemateprotest voting in italy has created a new political landscape…
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 01:09voting underway in hotly-contested italy election
voting underway in hotly-contested italy electionvoting has begun in italy for an election whose outcome…
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 01:38using technology to track kenya voting
using technology to track kenya votingerik hersman of ushahidi explains how crowd sourcing was used…
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 02:24early voting begins in iraq
early voting begins in iraqcnn's arwa damon reports on early voting in iraq, where…
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 03:14voting machine for president
voting machine for presidentvoting machine dre700 came out of nowhere to defeat barack…
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 00:36natalie portman - voting for
natalie portman - voting foractress natalie portman declares which issues are motivating.
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