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 01:00india: six held over gang-rape of swiss tourist
india: six held over gang-rape of swiss touristsix men accused of raping a swiss tourist in madhya…
Etiketler: euronews, justice, india, switzerland, india, six, held, over, gang-rape, of, swiss, tourist, news, online, watch, euronews, world news, video
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 00:20two men held over armenia presidential candidate shooting
two men held over armenia presidential candidate shootingarmenia's national security services have arrested two men in connection…
Etiketler: two, men, held, over, armenia, presidential, candidate, shooting, arrest, armenia, attack, news, euronews, online, watch, tv
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 01:04vigils held for school shooting victims
vigils held for school shooting victimsthe catholic church in newtown was packed on friday evening…
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 01:46vigil held for boys swept away by river in yosemite
vigil held for boys swept away by river in yosemitea vigil was held at an anaheim church for two…
Etiketler: vigil, held, for, boys, swept, away, river, yosemite, online, izle, haber
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 03:10city held siege by pakistan's taliban
city held siege by pakistan's talibancnn's phil black reports on a community in pakistan under…
Etiketler: city, held, siege, pakistan, taliban, cnn, phil, black, report, reporter, community, militants, four, year
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 01:00sony bosses held by workers
sony bosses held by workersfrench ceo serge foucher and several other executives were detained…
Etiketler: sony, bosses, held, by, workers, french, ceo, serge, foucher, several, executives, demand, protest, redundancy, terms, pay
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 02:24protests as athens funeral held
protests as athens funeral heldprotesters confronted police in athens as the funeral took place…
Etiketler: protests, funeral, held, greek, riots, spread, to, patras, government, grece, athens, aleksandros, andreas, teenage, teen, anarchist, kill, murder, people, protest, clash, police, rioters, riot, atina, yunanistan, isyan, ayaklanma, polis, çatışma
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 01:08un demands release of peacekeepers held hostage in golan
un demands release of peacekeepers held hostage in golanthe united nations has condemned the kidnapping of dozens of…
Etiketler: world, haber, news, syria, euronews, united nations, kidnapping, conflict in syria
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 00:50al qaeda frees us journalist held captive in syria
al qaeda frees us journalist held captive in syriakidnappers in syria have freed an american journalist who has…
Etiketler: world, al, usa, hostages, journalist, syria, qaeda, euronews, haber, news
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 01:10ukraine military encircles rebel-held donetsk
ukraine military encircles rebel-held donetskukrainian soldiers are preparing to move in on the rebel…
Etiketler: world, haber, news, death, russia, nato, crisis, euronews, crisis in ukraine
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