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 03:41fnc: rosenthal, others discuss melky
fnc: rosenthal, others discuss melkyrosenthal reports on melky cabrera's future.
Etiketler: mlb, nl, west, giants, baseball, fnc, rosenthal, others, discuss, melky, spor, sports
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 00:27tom wallace - software technology discuss
tom wallace - software technology discusss&op expert tom wallace discusses why companies should be wary…
Etiketler: tom wallace, discuss, software, book, steelwedge, author, amateur, operation, online, watch
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 01:15discuss mama time
discuss mama timefish discuss mama time
Etiketler: fish, discuss, mama, time, animal, hayvanlar, izle, fish, akvaryum
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 04:33experts discuss new advances in acromegaly
experts discuss new advances in acromegalychiasma, ınc, a us privately held biopharma company developing octreotide…
Etiketler: acromegaly, treatment, chiasma, octreotide, capsules, injection, medication, medicine, growth, hormone, multivu 7436451
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 01:02syria ready to discuss russia peace plan talks444.0000004 Ay Önceeuronews
 01:22putin and poroshenko to discuss gas and ceasefire in milan
putin and poroshenko to discuss gas and ceasefire in milanthe most anticipated meeting of the asia-europe summit (asem) in…
Etiketler: world, haber, news, summit, euronews, vladimir putin, ıtaly, petro poroshenko
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 01:32libya's neighbours meet to discuss way forward for country
libya's neighbours meet to discuss way forward for countryas fighting and anarchy continue throughout libya, a delegation from…
Etiketler: world, politics, libya, euronews, libyan war, libyan army, haber, news
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