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 01:16kenya authorities warned of mall attack
kenya authorities warned of mall attackas investigations continue into the mall attack in nairobi, reports…
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 00:45authorities blow up leaking butane tanker
authorities blow up leaking butane tankerauthorities blow up leaking butane tanker
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 01:50trouble with european customs authorities
trouble with european customs authoritiestrouble with european customs authorities
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 01:13tear gas clashes at banned pro-palestinian protest in paris
tear gas clashes at banned pro-palestinian protest in parispro-palestinian french youths protesting against israel's gaza offensive clashed with…
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 01:36palestinian authorities prepare to repel
palestinian authorities prepare to repelpalestinian president mahmoud abbas says he has received information suggesting…
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 01:08ukrainian navy commander defects to crimean authorities
ukrainian navy commander defects to crimean authoritiesthe day after he was given command of the ukrainian…
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 00:54cambodian authorities clash with anti-government demonstrators
cambodian authorities clash with anti-government demonstratorscambodian security guards and city workers dismantled a camp occupied…
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