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03:37 Pitbull Ft Jump Smokers
Pitbull Ft Jump Smokers
karsiyakalee 1203904 izlenme - 6 years ago

pitbull ft jump smokers - now you see it...

01:07 Passer-By Pushes Suicide Jumper
Passer-By Pushes Suicide Jumper
kontranews 1022631 izlenme - 6 years ago

may 27 - an angry commuter, delayed by a man threatening to commit suicide off a bridge in china, breaks through a police cordon and shoves the man from the structure.

01:12 Car Jump Show - Autocar
Car Jump Show - Autocar
CARSONLINE 952499 izlenme - 6 years ago

competitors see who can jump over 8 cars. most fail.

01:12 Bike Jump Fail
Bike Jump Fail
garyoldman 850914 izlenme - 4 years ago

a kid epic fails trying to jump a ramp! ...

01:41 Ski Jump Gopro Camera Falls Out Of Water Proof Case
Ski Jump Gopro Camera Falls Out Of Water Proof Case
fatih akkurt 554710 izlenme - 3 years ago

ski jump gopro camera falls out of water proof case. fail

00:17 Havuza Süper Atlayış
Havuza Süper Atlayış
gagarino 546030 izlenme - 4 years ago

havuza müthiş bir atlayış yapan adam.

02:13 Climbing Stairs With Head
Climbing Stairs With Head
pinkman 390026 izlenme - 4 years ago

sun xi zhong from china enters the guinness book of world records after climbing 15 stairs using nothing but his head.

00:37 Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot
Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot
garyoldman 384798 izlenme - 4 years ago

this is a brutal looking nutshot but the best part is what the dude says after he hits the ground.

01:23 How Not To Base Jump
How Not To Base Jump
jessiec 371271 izlenme - 4 years ago

on the plus side this guy survived but that's probably the only thing that turned out as planned.

00:25 Car Jump World Record - Autocar
Car Jump World Record - Autocar
CARSONLINE 365372 izlenme - 7 years ago

what a nutter!

00:23 Perfect Car Jump - Autocar
Perfect Car Jump - Autocar
CARSONLINE 316797 izlenme - 7 years ago

an old car jumps over at the dirt bike motocross track.. it's just incredible!

00:41 Amazing Bus Jump
Amazing Bus Jump
samproof 310610 izlenme - 6 years ago

amazing jump from bus to bus.

01:14 Monocycle On Escalator
Monocycle On Escalator
alfatester 293713 izlenme - 6 years ago

a young man on his unicycle trying to jump on a ramp escalator but will break the glass.

00:33 Skater Jumps Moving Car
Skater Jumps Moving Car
revwright 283438 izlenme - 7 years ago

skater jumps moving car.. that could have been a disaster but he pulled it off.

01:01 Bungee Jumping Accident
Bungee Jumping Accident
zipster 282345 izlenme - 5 years ago

bungee jumping rope sever and man fall downt to the water but nothing happens to him

00:37 Işte Adrenalin
Işte Adrenalin
tiamoo 249095 izlenme - 6 years ago

yükseklik korkusu olmayanlar için en ideal extreme spor

01:06 Sevimli Maymunlar
Sevimli Maymunlar
agubugu 241967 izlenme - 4 years ago

sevimli maymunlar şarkı söylüyor www.agubugu.com

00:15 Salıncak Kazası
Salıncak Kazası
ece25 231002 izlenme - 6 years ago

az kalsın boğazı kopuyordu

00:14 Her Şeye Atlanmaz
Her Şeye Atlanmaz
göksel bakla 214676 izlenme - 6 years ago

kendine kendini rakip şeçmis

00:07 Şanssız Adam
Şanssız Adam
gagarino 213967 izlenme - 5 years ago

havuza atlayan adam mesafeyi ayarlayamıyor.

04:53 Ride Your Way - Maciej Kiwak Bmx
Ride Your Way - Maciej Kiwak Bmx
barrystar 198708 izlenme - 4 years ago

ride your way part of maciej kiwak. hq

00:58 Roof Jump Stunt Ends Badly As Expected
Roof Jump Stunt Ends Badly As Expected
fun4all 195617 izlenme - 4 years ago

roof jump stunt ends badly as expected.. 'it's better to shoot for the stars and miss than aim for the truck and break your tail bone.' -winston churchill

00:25 Car Jump - Autocar
Car Jump - Autocar
CARSONLINE 191887 izlenme - 6 years ago

world-record car jump, what a nutter!

01:39 Yeni Bir Spor Dalı
Yeni Bir Spor Dalı
gnctrkcll 170178 izlenme - 6 years ago

genç turkcell madde 95 - yeni bir spor dalı icat et

05:04 Madonna Confessions Tour Jump
Madonna Confessions Tour Jump
Niyazi Tiryaki 166197 izlenme - 8 years ago

madonna confessions tour jump

07:26 Base Jumping
Base Jumping
webber 160393 izlenme - 7 years ago

a brit and a frenchman snuck into the under-construction burj dubai and base jumped from it. the video shows their infiltration, jump and subsequent escape.

00:07 Motorlu Genç Uçarsa
Motorlu Genç Uçarsa
BARIS TOLUNAY GEYGEL 152941 izlenme - 8 years ago

atlayış yapan motorlunun iniş rampası kötü

00:12 Çatıdan Atlayış
Çatıdan Atlayış
pelicula 152090 izlenme - 8 years ago

çocuk evin çatısından taklayla havuza atlıyor.

00:26 Jumping Landing Robot
Jumping Landing Robot
liveon 139157 izlenme - 7 years ago

jumping landing robot 'mowgli'

01:56 Yellow Driver's Near-Crash During Testing
Yellow Driver's Near-Crash During Testing
outline 133563 izlenme - 4 years ago

before he broke the world record, the yellow driver had many test runs. here's one that nearly ended in disaster.

00:20 Almost Killed By An Atv Jump
Almost Killed By An Atv Jump
fourmusic 125624 izlenme - 7 years ago

almost killed by an atv jump

00:58 Deluxe Ski Jump 3 - Japonia
Deluxe Ski Jump 3 - Japonia
fatih akkurt 125067 izlenme - 3 years ago

deluxe ski jump 3 - japonia 274,81m

00:41 Salıncakta Yere Uçmak - Komik Kaza
Salıncakta Yere Uçmak - Komik Kaza
Rottweiler 124557 izlenme - 4 years ago

salıncakta yere uçmak - komik kaza

04:48 Base Jumping
Base Jumping
bulent palancı 124223 izlenme - 7 years ago

heycanlı ve tehlikeli atlamalar...

03:29 Human Sling Shot Slip And Slide
Human Sling Shot Slip And Slide
barrystar 111850 izlenme - 4 years ago

for all of the kids watching at home, yes, this is exactly what summer vacation is like when you become an adult.

00:18 Brutal Nutshot On Park Bench
Brutal Nutshot On Park Bench
garyoldman 110726 izlenme - 4 years ago

this dude couldn't of landed this jump any worse if he tried.

02:04 Sahte Bungee Jumping Şakası
Sahte Bungee Jumping Şakası
canboy 109010 izlenme - 5 years ago

3-5 santimden bungee jumping atlayışı yapan adama süper şaka!

04:08 Volleyball Exercise
Volleyball Exercise
capoken 100956 izlenme - 8 years ago

volleyball spike training video..

06:26 Wingsuit Flyers Soar Like Majestic Eagles
Wingsuit Flyers Soar Like Majestic Eagles
barrystar 98486 izlenme - 4 years ago

these guys are so bird-like that they eat small rodents and reptiles for breakfast.

00:13 Bike Fall Off
Bike Fall Off
gunnarolla 95447 izlenme - 6 years ago

fat kid fall off bike. funniest part...listen to the kid after he goes off the jump!