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 01:32Selami Şahin FreeZone Konserleri için çekiyor volkie;yi, veriyor coşkuyu!
 Selami Şahin FreeZone Konserleri için çekiyor volkie;yi, veriyor coşkuyu!Selami Şahin der ki; Bırak şimdi selfie’yi melfie’yi. FreeZone konserlerine…
Etiketler: hediye, coşku, bilet, konser, vodafone, freezone, ver coşkuyu, selfie, volkie, selami şahin, musical artist
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 01:43multivu explains:  how to discover and create content
multivu explains: how to discover and create contenteveryone has a story to tell; if you would like…
Etiketler: creative, content, media, videos, showcase, business, story, multimedia, prnewswire, multivu
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 02:13multivu has 10 year anniversary
multivu has 10 year anniversarythis month, multivu, pr newswires full service multimedia and broadcast…
Etiketler: multivu, 10, year, anniversary, pr, newswire, multimedia, broadcast, communications, production, distribution, multivu, 56011
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 01:02help someone you know
help someone you knowacclaimed actress amy brenneman may play a silenced police chiefs…
Etiketler: health, colitis, ıbd, bowel, inflammatory, crohns disease, ccfa, ulcerative colitis, the leftovers, amy brenneman, multivu 7204352
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 03:25get your family ready for the new school year with ease
get your family ready for the new school year with easeback to school is right around the corner and with…
Etiketler: driving, kids, cars, family, school, mom, tips, teens, lunch, nutrition, back to school, multivu 7267881
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 00:57introducing wild essence by halle berry
introducing wild essence by halle berryıntroducing wild essence halle berry, a new fragrance that captures…
Etiketler: women, perfume, advertising, campaign, scent, fragrance, halle berry, citrus, floral, wild essence, multivu 7296257
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 01:43ghost adventures explore queen mary
ghost adventures explore queen maryzak bagans, nick groff and aaron goodwin the seasoned experts…
Etiketler: preview, camera, investigation, ghosts, paranormal, spirits, reality tv, season 10, travel channel, ghost adventures, rms queen mary, multivu 7038057
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 01:06best time to buy a new vehicle according to truecar
best time to buy a new vehicle according to truecarconsumers looking to save on a new car or truck…
Etiketler: online, car, shopping, trucks, vehicles, buying, selling, pricing, truecar, multivu 7286951
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 00:30happy 70th birthday smokey
happy 70th birthday smokeysmokey bear, the icon featured in the longest running public…
Etiketler: fire, birthday, forest, wildfires, outdoors, ad council, us forest service, smokey bear, bear hug, multivu 7285651
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 00:32asian longhorned beetle psa
asian longhorned beetle psaa devastating invasive pest with no known natural predators threatens…
Etiketler: treecheckmonth, asian, longhorned, beetle, protection, usda, multivu 7277051
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